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I have mothers who are pregnant and we are now just waiting for the puppies to be born.  I know what I will be doing Christmas Eve.   But I will have both F1s and F1Bs ready to leave in February.  I just can't say right now what I will have available in the way of males or females.  I am getting a lot of emails from people looking for a Christmas puppy that they can have for the children Christmas morning.   I intentionally don't have puppies ready to leave at Christmas because I don't feel that it is in the best interest of the puppy.  It is very stressful for a puppy going to their new homes any way and to add the additional stress and crazyness of the holidays  can be too much for the puppy.  It is just not fair to them.  What I recommend to parents is to either get a stuffed toy that looks like a golden doodle or wrap up things that would be for the puppy like toys, collar and leash, dog bowls etc and give them that as a gift on Christmas morning.   That way they know that a puppy is coming.  Then when the puppies are ready to leave it can be a family affair where the children get to come and pick out their puppy.  

 For those of you who are interested in a mini Golden Doodle, I don't breed them and never have. The reason is that I don't like the temperaments they are getting with some of the  miniature golden doodles.  In many cases they are getting very hyper, high strung, nippy dogs.  If you think you want a mini golden doodle please take my advice and do your homework first.  You will find that many of the breeders that used to breed the minis are no longer breeding them because they were not getting consistent  temperaments with them.   

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