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Cameron and PupsHere at Barleycroft, we have bred Golden Retriever for almost 30 years and Golden Doodles for 20 years and it's always been a family affair. George and I , and our son, Cameron are involved with the care and socialization of our dogs and puppies. We have an excellent reputation with our dogs for temperament, disposition, and health. Our Goldens and Poodles have their hip, eye and heart health clearances. Our breeding dogs are selected on their temperaments and health.  My Golden Retriever mothers are especially very calm, mellow and laid back dogs because puppies will feed off of a mother's energy so if you have a calm and mellow mother you will get calm and mellow puppies, if you have a hyper, high strung, nervous mother you will ge hyper, high strung puppies.

We ensure that our puppies are very well socialized by raising them in our home with us. We give them plenty of love, attention, and gentle handling from the moment they are born, till the time they go to their new homes. Our puppies are usually born in our bedroom, and when they're just minutes old, I have them against my face talking to them in a soft, soothing voice. They get that type of attention the whole time they are with me. The impact of this handling is very obvious, because even when all the puppies are running around playing, no matter which one you pick up, it will immediately calm down in your arms and snuggle into your face and neck waiting to be loved.

Our Guarantee:
Our puppies are sold with a two year health guarantee for debilitating genetic health problems. It includes either replacement of the puppy, or refund up to the purchase price of the puppy. Our guarantee comes with a spay/ neuter clause. In order for the two year guarantee to remain in effect, the puppy has to be spayed or neutered on or before 12 months of age. We must be provided with verification by 13 months of age.

We also offer lifetime support for our puppies and their owners. Our responsibility as the breeder doesn't end when the puppy leaves our home. We are a source of support for people who have our puppies, and are happy to answer any questions or concerns about the raising of your puppy. If, at anytime in the dogs life, you are unable to keep the dog, and you can't find an adoptive home, we are a safety net. Your puppy or dog always has a place to come back to. We will take it back and find an adoptive home.

When you buy a puppy from us:
Our puppies are sold with the following:

~ 1st vaccinations
~ Minimum of 4 wormings
~ Precautionary treatment for Coccidia and Giardia
~ 2 year Health Guarantee
~ Heath Certificate from Vet
~ Vaccination & deworming record

~ Receipt

Our Prices:
Our prices are $2,500 plus 6% PA sales tax regardless of sex or color .
to be placed on the waiting list for any litter. This is done to limit the amount of "Window Shoppers" who put their names on several breeders' lists and take up spots from people who truly want one of our pups.
To submit an application & deposit: Click here for a printable Browser form. Click here for a Word document form (30Kb).

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